(b. 1989, Auckland, New Zealand)

Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours), Waikato Institute of Technology 

Megchelse's practice primarily explores contemporary painting. His work tentatively flirts between lines of abstraction and representation, minimal and expressive, whole and part. Starting with the fundamental urge to mark a surface, the process takes on a meditative, aggregate quality in which each layer of paint is applied intuitively in response to the one that went prior.

Megchelse is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.  


Recent Projects include: No Holiday, Weasel Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2018); The Beach, The Framing Workshop, Hamilton, NZ (2016); One for the Game, Pilot Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Elemental, Casbah Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Civilia, RAMP Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2013)


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