(b. 1987, Auckland, New Zealand)
Master of Art and Design, First Class Honours, AUT, 2010

Phillip Good's practice explores the parallels between theatre and painting. His work is influenced by his involvement with the world of theatre; with the illusions created by lighting, backdrops and special effects. His small-scale paintings play with the relationship between the amplification of the theatre and the history of Romantic landscape painting and its obsession with the sublime.

Phillip Good was a member of Second Storey, an artist-run space on Karangahape Road, Auckland, NZ from 2011 to 2013.

Recent Projects include: HYFR at ZEUS, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga, NZ (2017); One Of The Troubles In The Wider World, Casbah Gallery, Hosted at Waikato Society of Arts, Hamilton, NZ (2015); Fire In Space, Second Storey, Auckland, NZ (2013)

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