(b. 1992, Whakatane, New Zealand)
Bachelor of Media Arts (Visual Arts), Honours (Painting), Waikato Institute of Technology

Sam Carpenter's practice is based on an ongoing investigation into the ideas surrounding domestic space and how we occupy these spaces. She sources her imagery from photography, both family albums and her own photographs of either constructed or captured scenes/spaces. Her works tend to evoke a sense of memory or nostalgia; she plays on these ideas by painting in a loose style and experimenting with elements of revealing/concealing information from the viewer.

Carpenter is also interested in the materiality of the surface and the paint; she has experimented with canvas, board, paper, oils and acrylics and enjoys the challenge of going from one to another.

Recent Projects include: HYFR at ZEUS, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga, NZ (2017); New Works, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, NZ (2015); Facing Parallel Structures, David Lloyd Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2015); Youth Art Awards (Finalist), Artspost, Hamilton, NZ (2015); Much of a muchness, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, NZ (2015); Three, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Started from the bottom... now we're here!, Pilot Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Establishment, Casbah Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Contemporary Art Awards (Finalist), Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ (2013)

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