(b. 1992, Invercargill, New Zealand)
Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting), Auckland University of Technology

Jenny Horrell's practice is centered around her ongoing fascination with composition as a combination of colour values. She explores a manipulation between image and space. Where colour, shape and lines exist in a velocity of change, stasis and eternity.

Horrell creates transparent layers by dragging paint across the surface of the panel, revealing silent undertones of landscapes, due to the material qualities of fluid paint. Colour and form is synchronised by painterly problems of space and the picture plane. A pleasant thought, a secret longing, if only for a cup of tea, the sublime mixed with the ordinary, where nothing becomes banal, just a sweet melancholia or delicate refrain, one that carries the mind to distant horizons of beauty and peace.

Recent projects include: HYFR at ZEUS, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga, NZ (2017); Tableau Gallery: Manipulation Untouched (2015); Auckland Art Gallery Triennial: Rangitoto Blood Sky (2013); Saint Paul’s Gallery Three: Pilot Show (2013) Corner Window Gallery: Untitled Flux Part 1 and Part 2 (2012)