(b. 1988, Wellington, New Zealand)
Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours), Waikato Institute of Technology, 2012

From Wellington, Kate Symmans originally painted suburban settings, interested in the connections we have to a place and our sense of ‘home’. Kate’s most recent work is focussed around themes of locality and whereabouts, playing with how a viewer distinguishes a place based off the amount of information supplied.

Currently based in Waikato, Kate visits locations to sketch and form a connection with the environment, before painting a series of work. Kate explores the light, colours and shapes that could be included or withheld to represent the features of a location; giving the viewer the opportunity to find a place, real or imagined, within her work.

Recent projects include: All In, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, NZ (2016); From The Studio Floor, Hamilton, NZ (2016); Started from the bottom... now we're here!, Pilot Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2015); Transcend, Sandz Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2013); Mind Map - Installation, Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ (2012)

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