(b. 1986, Belgrade, Serbia)
Master of Art and Design, First Class Honours, AUT, 2009

Ena's practice explores the mysterious internal agency of objects, and engages with possibilities inherent in the playfulness of material, and unpredictable outcomes in making. As part of an exploratory and accumulative long-term methodology, each work acts as a stepping stone for the next, so that the objects descend from a common ancestor and have a common origin.

Ena was a member of Second Storey, an artist-run space on Auckland's Karangahape Road from 2011 to 2013, and is currently one of the collective members of RM Gallery and Project Space.

Recent Projects include: 30 Before 30 (solo), RM Gallery, Auckland, NZ (2013); If you do start making cheese, I recommend a Farmhouse Cheddar - or - At least striving for positivity, Pilot Space, Hamilton, NZ (2014); one's own trade, project developed by Hannah Davis-Gray and Harriet Stockman, held over one weekend at The Crate - Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, NZ (2015); Upside Down, Casbah Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2015); From the Studio Floor, developed by Casbah Gallery directors, Hamilton, NZ (2016)

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