(b. 1991, Hamilton, New Zealand) 
Master of Arts (Painting and Sculpture), Waikato Institute of Technology, 2015

Pascoe's contemporary practice explores concepts of plurality and hybridity in conjunction with the visual tropes of late modern colour field painting. She often uses lurid and pop like colour in these works derived from contemporary pigments, paints and plastics, as well as other banal and low fi materials.

Recent projects include: Shaky Ground, Weasel Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2019); No Holiday, Weasel Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2018); HYFR at ZEUS, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga, NZ (2017); Show, RAMP Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2016); Funkadelic, SKINROOM, Hamilton, NZ (2016); From The Studio Floor NZ, Hamilton, NZ (2016); Pure Guava, SKINROOM, Hamilton, NZ (2016); HARD CANDY, Casbah Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2015); It's All in the Title, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, NZ (2015); Started from the bottom... now we're here!, Pilot Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2015); Pilot Fundraiser, Pilot Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2015); Elemental, Casbah, Hamilton, NZ (2014); The Spring Issue, Free Parking Space Project, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Alcove Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Ledge Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); Depicted Surfaces, Draw Inc. Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2014); New Work, David Lloyd Gallery, Hamilton, NZ (2013); Zing Cackle Pop, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, NZ (2013)

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